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Episodes 15 and 16 Added
Feb. 15, 2014

Ok, finally got around to finishing episodes 15 and 16.

All my rapidshare links are inactive, as I haven't logged into my account in some time, so I've removed them for now. I'll reupload them some time in the future. The mediafire links seem to still be active, I assume because people have been downloading them, so thanks to anyone out there.

Episode 15: Dangerous Dollies
DDL : Mediafire-part 1
DDL : Mediafire-part 2

Episode 16: Who Is That Masked Man?
DDL : Mediafire-part 1
DDL : Mediafire-part 2

Episodes 12, 13 and 14 Finished and Uploaded
Mar. 27, 2013

Alrighty then, I finally managed to finish Episodes 12, 13 and 14 and have uploaded them to the Remastered section. Episode 13 alone took absolutely forever because of the amount of talking. As well, I had re-encode each episode twice because of small errors I hadn't noticed initially.

On another note, rapidshare has changed its policy rules, I assume because they're trying to prevent piracy. Free users can only have a maximum of 5gb now, and of course, with these 3 episodes added on, I'm over the limit. Thus, within about 2 weeks, some of my rapidshare links won't work, so if you download using rapidshare, download now. Mediafire is still an option.

Episode 12: An Unnatural Phenomena
DDL 1: Rapidshare
DDL 1: Mediafire-part 1
DDL 1: Mediafire-part 2

Episode 13: Wedding Day Blues
DDL 1: Rapidshare
DDL 1: Mediafire-part 1
DDL 1: Mediafire-part 2

Episode 14: Shutter Bugged
DDL 1: Rapidshare
DDL 1: Mediafire-part 1
DDL 1: Mediafire-part 2

Ep 11 Added, Eps 1-3 Re-Edited Re-Uploaded
Dec. 1, 2012

Episode 11: 'Match Point for Sailor Moon' has been added to the Remastered section. At the same time, Episodes 1-3 have been re-uploaded for the Re-Edited section.

Remastered Episodes = English Audio
Re-Edited Episodes = English Audio + Japanese Audio for removed scenes

Episodes 1-10 Finished and Re-Uploaded
Oct. 27, 2012

Been a couple months, but everything's been updated. All the remastered episode links for mediafire and rapidshare have been updated, up to the current release which is episode 10.


Sailor Moon Ep 16:
Who Is That Masked Man?

Sailor Moon Ep 16:
Who Is That Masked Man?

Sailor Moon Ep 15:
Dangerous Dollies

Sailor Moon Ep 14:
Shutter Bugged

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